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November 15, 2011
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The End by Varriel The End by Varriel
Copyright Statement 2 by Sophibelle


Alright so I'm on the biggest zombie kick lately. Yeah, I'm always loving zombies-
But with the return of TWD I'm just going bloody crazy.

It's like-
My new inspiration.

Not to mention the fact that Norman Reedus gets to be such a badass. Like, seriously, him and Flanery have been two of my faveourite actors for almost 10 years and just- hngh.
...Well I've had a crush on Flanery longer because I used to ADORE Adventure of Young Indiana Jones. Still do actually. Such a great series. oh god.

I love the depth that Reedus has given Daryl and I mean like he's become my faveourite, not just because he's played by Norman, but because he fascinates me and has more depth than a lot of the characters once you get past the outer grit.


Prequel to another one that I'm gonna do with me and ~mcrfreakx3 because she's awesome and ADSSDGHJHKLA-
I'm so excited.
It's gonna be awesome.




I'm so enthusiastic about anything zombie-related. Oh good lord.

BTW yeah- totally using my personna here because my fatass wouldn't make it 10 feet without dying. lolololol.

I've also decided my personna is going to be the OC for the fic I'm writing. Get over it. The only way that she's really like my personna is in general looks- And clothing choice. Besides that? My OC is way more badass than my personna.

OC name: Vallerie (Prefers Vi or Val.)
Age: 24
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Eyes: muddy Blue-green
Build: Average-thin depending on the place in the story.
Main weapons: Easton baseball bad, Handgun, Hunting Knife.
Terrible aim with a gun. Incapable of wielding a crossbow while moving. Handy with a knife. Has a mean swing.

The wound on her hand is explained in chapter two. Not a bite, trust me lolol. most of the blood is walker blood, as you can guess. Zombie slaying is dirty work, yeah?

About 6 hours of work here. All done in SAI.

Wall stockę2011~Sutokku…
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KestrelPhantomWitch Jan 18, 2012  Student General Artist
OMG! This looks just like a scene from one of my stories!
KestrelPhantomWitch Jan 19, 2012  Student General Artist
Yeah. my charry is called Rose Thorne. She's a faery with a an attitude and a zombie problem. lol! I like Val, though.
Val's just a boring human-
I'm actually having a hard time writing her story because I'm so unused to writing "real" characters rather than one in a fantasy setting :lmao:
KestrelPhantomWitch Jan 20, 2012  Student General Artist
lol. I find that putting yourself in their shoes (and I mean this almost literally) helps. So what I mean is, take, say, five-ten minutes, and what you would notice, what you would not. That kind of thing.
Well thanks :)
Viv is kind of my "slef-insert" OC but I'm so awkward with people that figuring her ways to interact with these characters is just as awkward lolololol
It's odd :XD:
KestrelPhantomWitch Jan 20, 2012  Student General Artist
Lol. My self-insert OC/Mary-Sue (in my opinion) acts nothing like me! Well, she swears a lot... Lol.

Well, happy writing
You indeed have god's hand if you drew those bricks by yourself. o.o
Can you please tell me how you shaded her legs? :3
Aw, nooo, I used a stock photo. It's in the desc. :XD:
I can't draw a straight line to save my life, honestly lol

After the skin tone I made a new later and selected a colour slightly darker and put it over it using the Brush tool. Then used a big brush in the Water tool to smooth it out. Then repeat the process with another darker shade :)
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